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Barton Woodland Burial Ground Newsletter

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Here's the open event date for your diary. We did briefly think about the 8th of June but the idea was quickly overtaken by electoral events.

Last year our evening was just after the Brexit vote. We seem to be good at choosing a date that follows a matter of national importance!

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Arbory Number 2?

The popularity of Barton and the time it will take to go through all the planning procedures necessary means we need to look for a new piece of land as soon as possible.

Expansion at Barton would be ideal but another site not too many miles away would also be considered. We have some hope that another Diocese might be interested in our most successful model. Enquiries are being followed up but it's not easy.

Know anyone with 30 or more acres to spare?

Hilary Jackson, Administrator

Hawthorn is forgiven its thorns now that the May blossom is out

Hawthorn is forgiven its thorns now that the May blossom is out

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What's Been Going On?

The memory tree in the Lodge has been very popular. It was established at the end of 2016 and now has more than 50 labels.

The Lodges lighting has had a boost. It was not bright enough one late winter afternoon in January so some additional lightbulbs have been fitted

The Trust made a contribution to a new thatched bus shelter just along the road.

I proposed the idea of a Remembrance event in last October's newsletter. Much feedback was received which was universally positive. We have decided to try it so details will be announced in the October Newsletter.

lovely cowslips again this year

lovely cowslips again this year

The trustees have recently approved an extension to the paved area outside the Lodge French windows. This will provide much better access for funeral directors' staff and improve drainage.

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North Glebe: Spring Update

It's amazing to note that there have been more than 70 burials in the North Glebe (NG) since May 2016. On visiting the open Aspen and Hornbeam glades, it really doesn't look like that many.

The first year of operation made us realise that a better surface was needed. The success of the South Glebe groundworks has meant extending into the new area has been approved. So, the tractors, earth movers and tipper trucks have been to-ing and fro-ing again just recently but using the bridleway for access has kept the work very discreet. It all looks very new once again, grass seed and soil has been scattered.

Seating for the NG has just been approved too, but we shall standardise on a robust oak sleeper style bench. Initially these will be placed strategically along the main ride to give resting points. Here is an example near to the Bishop's elm. 

The policy for placement of benches within glades is not yet decided. We may place 2 or 3 as a trial and then gauge reactions.

And if you visit the North Glebe and are unsure where to find a grave, look on the noticeboard for plans, plot numbers and names.

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Liz Matthews

It is with sadness that I announce Liz Matthews was offered and has taken retirement on the grounds of ill health at the end of March 2017.

Many of you will know her because she has been a member of staff since 2009. Unfortunately she has has a number of health problem and some were very major ones, necessitating frequent periods in hospital.

The Trustees are very appreciative of all her loyalty, dedication and hard work over the years and wish to publicly acknowledge her invaluable contribution to our success.

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Diocesan Office,
Bishop Woodford House,
Barton Road,

Phone: 01223 303874
Fax: 01353 652745

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Meet the team every Wednesday!

Barbara Segrave, Sophie Gourley and Hilary Jackson are at Barton every Wednesday.

Drop by any time between 10am and 2pm.

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Gareth's monthly Nature Notes

Trustee Gareth Thomas regularly visits and back in January he started writing about what he has seen. There are copies of his monthly notes on the wildlife page and on the newsletter page.