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Barton Woodland Burial Ground Newsletter

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Last year at this time, I suggested the idea of an event in December when we would get together to do some 'remembering'

The feedback was very positive from lots of people. So I am happy to announce  the date of our first one at Barton. More details inside. 

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Other news is that the website is to have a long overdue revamp. The site as it stands gets an enormous number of 'hits' every month. And the number of hits has been dramatically increasing. This shows the popularity of woodland / green burial and of Barton in particular.

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There is a lot of information on the site but it isn't always easy to navigate to what you want. The new version will be easier to. use and have a much fresher look and many more up to date photos. This one taken just a few weeks ago shows the view along one of the south glebes lovely peripheral tracks.

And best of all for me, the site will be much, much easier to update!

Hilary Jackson, Administrator

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What's been going on?

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There are quite a lot of rabbit deterrent devices now on site and some beep annoyingly. There are 4 in this glade alone and if just one of them worked as is claimed, there wouldn't be these holes! Due to the lack of success, all remaining models will be removed in January. Apologies.

Christmas amnesty. Any wreaths placed on graves from 16th December onwards can stay until January. Please, tasteful decoration only; no tinsel, baubles or ribbons and nothing hung in the trees.

Dogs are welcome but please keep them on a lead. Not everyone likes dogs or the thought of them running over a grave.

And finally, after all of the 'do nots'. A new woodland and burial site has opened near great Dunmow. The team have been giving advice and support for more than 18 months so we went to their open day. Lovely new building - we have light fittings envy.

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Remembrance Event 9th December

Remembrance Day in November and then the approach of Christmas are times when we remember friends and family. Some may be many miles away, out of the country, or on the other side of the world. The wonders of technology help people to keep in touch but it's not the same.

And then there are those that are no longer with us. But we remember them. Everyone has a story, and it's the personal ones that are more poignant. Come and join us and remember.

From 4pm, mince pies, mulled wine, tea & coffee.

4.45pm Trustee welcome and introduction of Julia Anderson civil celebrant who will coordinate the running of the programme.

There then will be a mixture of readings, poems and the musical items provided by Accorde, a Cambridge based small acappella choir.

And we will be welcoming Marion Leaper from Cambridge Storytellers and former Bard of Cambridge who will share on of her stories.

5.45pm - 6pm Christmas carols finale, for everyone to join in.

There will be a collection for charity and as it's a dreadful time of year to be homeless, we have decided on Crisis at Christmas.

Please fill in this form if you would like to attend:

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Diocesan Office,
Bishop Woodford House,
Barton Road,

Phone: 01223 303874
Fax: 01353 652745

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Meet the team every Wednesday!

Barbara Segrave, Sophie Gourley and Hilary Jackson are at Barton every Wednesday.

Drop by any time between 10am and 2pm.

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Gareth's Nature Notes

Back in January, Gareth Thomas (a Trustee) started writing about what he was seeing on his frequent visits to Barton. 

Old issues of these can be found on the wildlife page, or as part of the newsletters page