Regulations are as follows:

1. The planting of trees and other plants is authorised by the Trustees alone. No gardening of the woodland is permitted.

2. Cut flowers can be laid on graves at any time. Any floral tributes containing oasis and plastic trays placed for a funeral will not be removed until the flowers have died. The Trustees reserve the right to remove flowers as part of routine care after a period of time. Artificial flowers are not permitted.

3. The form of a lodge service or graveside ceremony must be dignified but not necessarily explicitly Christian.

4. The coffin or casket must be made of biodegradable material, either wood, cardboard, willow, banana leaf, wool or other suitable material. As far as possible preservatives should not be used.

5. The grave can be marked by a wooden plaque. There will be no long term visible markers but all graves will be discreetly recorded by the Arbory Trust so that their location can be determined exactly. A list of plaque makers is available on request.

6. No exhumations will be permitted under any circumstances except by lawful authority.

7. The Trustees are legal owners of the whole woodland.

8. Each request for a refund is judged individually and is entirely at the discretion of the Trustees. Where a refund is approved, a proportion is retained and treated as a donation towards the objectives of the Trust to establish woodland burial grounds.

The Trustees reserve the right to vary the Rules and Regulations at any time.

Day-to-day examples of the rules in practise

Below is a summary of the way these rules are currently enforced, with practical, day-to-day requirements.

We are creating a natural woodland environment, where graves blend into the meadow glades leaving only wild flowers to add to the natural beauty. Mementos do not form part of that long-term vision. We acknowledge that a wooden marker is often important, but it is not intended that there should be anything permanent. We do hope you will help us by following them. If you have any questions, please ask and we'll be happy to help.

In order to encourage a classic native woodland environment, only wild flowers authorised by the Trust may be planted on graves. A leaflet is available for guidance.

All plaques or markers should be natural wood only with no brass or plastic attachments or mounting posts, not painted or varnished and should be roughly the size of an A3 piece of paper. There is an example in the Lodge (visible through the window if locked) as a guide to size. Markers should be placed on the ground to enable a mower to pass over it. Any plaque not complying with these requirements will be adjusted without further reference. A list of plaque makers is available on request.

No oasis or floral tributes with wire, plastic or tape or artificial flowers are allowed. Cellophane, ribbon and foil should be removed from cut flowers.

To maintain a natural woodland landscape, no ornaments, greetings cards, balloons, birdhouses, lanterns or vases or other such items are allowed. This includes stones, flowerpots, stakes, ropes, ties or other 'garden' items.

We remove unauthorised items quickly, for the sake of all who support the Trust and for all who visit.

Woodland Burial Ground at Barton - Trees Facing North

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