Open times at Barton

Come and explore the beautiful settings of this wild woodland that we're creating. The main gates are Barton may be closed but they will never be locked, and visitors are actively encouraged.

There is a public footpath connecting Barton and Comberton that runs East to West along the hedge that separates the South and North Glebes. Please make sure the gates at either end are closed. There is also a stile that allows access to the North Glebe from the bridleway along our Eastern boundary.

Walking your dog

Dogs are welcome at Barton. Ideally, please keep your dog on a lead so that they do not disturb other visitors or the flourishing local wildlife.  And you must clear up after your dogs. Do not use the green or blue wheelie bins for dog waste - there is a proper dog waste bin outside the main gate.

Laying flowers at Barton

Only British wildflowers will be planted at Barton. This leaflet lists the most popular and successful species. If in any doubt, please ask before purchase because inappropriate plants will be removed. Some plants and wildflower seeds are regularly available for sale when the lodge is open on Wednesdays. When planting, please use a minimal amount of soil or potting compost. Because it's not local, it could damage plant and wildlife ecosystems.

Cut flowers must be laid without ribbon, wire, cellophane or paper. They should be laid flat (not vertically) on a grave. All dead flowers will be removed on Wednesdays as part of our weekly maintenance schedule. If you are replacing flowers, please use the green wheelie bins provided to dispose of the old ones. These are located in the North Glebe (1 bin) and the car park (2 bins).

Artificial flowers, ornaments, stones, balloons, lanterns, vases, flowerpots or other 'garden' items are not permitted and will be removed straight away.


Please help us by recycling paper, plastic pots, bottles and bags, tin cans, wrapping paper, cardboard and cartons. They can all go into the blue wheelie bins in the car park.

Woodland Burial Ground at Barton - Path facing South

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