Wildlife at the Glebe

Our site has continued to develop although ecologically it is still young woodland. The quick growing trees such as silver birch and willows have shot up over the last few years and there has been noticeable self seeding of brambles and hawthorn.

The one big mow is left till late in the season to allow all the wildflowers to set their seeds.  It usually happens in mid September, depending on the weather.

Dr Gareth Thomas, one of our Trustees regularly visits to see what can be seen and also heard. Two of last year’s updates are here. The most recent one covers April to June 2018 and is on the Lodge noticeboard. It will be available here shortly Click Here

There is an earlier birdlife leaflet from 2009   Click here to download the 'Birds in Barton' leaflet


Woodland Burial Ground at Barton - Rainbow between 2 trees

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