To download the Funeral Checklist as a PDF, please click here.

Choosing a coffin

Any coffin chosen needs to be biodegradable e.g. simple pine, willow, cardboard, bamboo, recycled pulp board or wool and should NOT have any metal handles or rings. Any liner should be cotton, linen or jute, not plastic. Burial in a shroud with base board is perfectly acceptable. Embalming is not permitted.

Many coffins can be ordered online or direct from the makers e.g. cardboard coffins from Greenfield. A fantastic guide to biodegradable coffins can be found on the Good Funeral Guide website.

Choosing a funeral director

Decide whether to instruct a funeral director. You do NOT have to use one. A good one will do as much OR AS LITTLE as you want. We can advise you if you wish to do most things yourself.

Choosing a date

Funerals cannot take place on Wednesdays because this is the advertised open day. In very exceptional circumstances, a Saturday funeral may be possible.

Deciding if you want to use the Lodge

The Lodge at Barton will be open for 45 minutes before the start time and remain open for a short time afterwards so that toilets are available. If you would like to use the Lodge for a service and/or a gathering after the funeral, the Lodge can be booked. Fees will apply.

If yes, what you want to have in the Lodge?

The family may bring photos and mementos to decorate the Lodge but these must be brought as early as possible on the day and collected up promptly. The chairs may be moved into a circle for a Quaker service but must be replaced afterwards.

Music can be played in various formats using the Lodge audio system. It is advisable to check in advance that their choice of music format plays correctly on our system. Staff will play music from CDs. Other gadgets (phones, tablets, laptops etc) must be operated by a designated person. Please tell the staff if the electric keyboard is required so it can be set up in advance.

If anything else is wanted, such as photograph display boards, data projectors and screens, video recording, Skype links etc, this must be discussed with the Administrator in advance.

Choosing a burial plaque

Plaques must be wood, no bigger than A3 and not be varnished or painted. If you'd like to see more details and a list of makers please click HERE

Choosing your burial space

All new burials are in the North Glebe and plot choice will be assigned by staff.  Three glades have been opened already and new Glades will be opened as needed. 

Arriving at Barton & parking on the day

There are parking spaces by the Lodge but please leave those immediately in front of the Lodge for any disabled badge holders.  One additional car may follow the hearse to the graveside if there are mourners who are disabled or too frail to walk the distance.  Please say if lots of cars are expected so that the overflow car park can be made available.

Choosing appropriate footwear

Wear appropriate footwear for a wooded and grassy area. This is particularly important in the winter when the glades can be extremely muddy

Choosing flowers or wreaths for the burial

Ideally flowers for a funeral should not be in oasis, cellophane or have plastic trays. However, any florists arrangements containing such items brought on the day can remain.  They will be removed once the flowers have died. Ornaments, vases, balloons, ribbons and other such items are not allowed and will be removed immediately. 

Download the PDF detailing the types of flowers allowed at the Glebe, here.

Woodland Burial Ground at Barton - Funeral Checklist Image

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