Burial plot fees

Single Depth Plot (one person) £850
Double Depth Plot (first person) £850
Double Depth Plot (second person in due course) £600
Side by Side Reservations (twice the single fee) £1700
Double Depth Plot (two persons) £1450

Making a reservation for the future guarantees a grave space in the woodland, but not a particular location, unless it is alongside a spouse or partner. Reservations can be made in advance until the Trustees declare otherwise.

For a grave reservation form, please click here.

Ashes plot fees

Single Ashes Plot £350
Double Ashes Plot £500

Barton is fully consecrated ground so ashes may not be scattered; they must be buried. The fee carries full entitlement to a reserved space for cremated remains, and the fee includes the cost of ground preparation.

For an ashes burial reservation form, please click here.

Lodge Fees

The Lodge will be open 45 minutes before a burial and for a short time afterwards for use of the toilet facilities. If you would like to use the Lodge for a service, a gathering, or both then the following fees apply.

Service Only £100
Gathering with refreshments after a service elsewhere £200
Service & gathering with refreshments after a funeral £300

N.B.   Prices are for the hire of the Lodge only with tea coffee and squash the only refreshments served.  Catering will be an additional cost.

The earliest start time for a Lodge service is 10am. The Lodge will be open from 9.15am.

The latest start time for a Lodge service and gathering afterwards is 2pm. The Lodge will be open from 1pm.

Click here for more information on the Lodge.


Terms & Conditions

The above charges are reviewed annually by the Trustees. Payments may be made via internet banking, just ask for details.

The plot fees relate ONLY to the provision of grave spaces. They DO NOT include the cost of digging a grave, fees for Ministers and church services, or Funeral Director's fees.

 Woodland Burial Ground at Barton - Wildflowers Natural Funeral Checklist

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