The Barton woodland burial ground is a very special site

Despite being man made, we wish for as natural an environment as possible. A large part of this means that everything planted should be, ideally, indigenous to East Anglia and suited to meadows. Only British wildflowers can be planted.

There is a very useful online guide here

If in any doubt, please ask before purchase because inappropriate plants will be removed.  Unfortunately garden centres sell plants that are NOT wildflower species - brightly coloured primulas for example. We have created a PDF guide (link below) that lists some of the most popular wildflower types that do well at Barton, together with some 'how to do it'  guidance. Please take the time to read it. 

Click here to download the 'Wild Flower' Leaflet.

Some popular plants and wildflower seeds are regularly available for sale when the lodge is open on Wednesdays.  Meet Carole the plant lady between 10am and 12 noon.

As part of our Wednesday  inspection we remove any funeral tributes after a week or so and all dead flowers are removed.   If you are replacing flowers, please use the green wheelie bins provided to dispose of the old ones. These are located in the North Glebe (1 bin) and the car park (2 bins). Any non-green items [cellophane, plant pots, cans etc] go in the blue recycling bins.

Cut flowers should be laid flat without ribbon, wire, cellophane or paper.  Artificial flowers, ornaments, stones, balloons, lanterns, vases, flowerpots or other 'garden' items are not permitted and will be removed straight away.

Woodland Burial Ground at Barton - WildFlowers on Grave

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